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About Us

Events Carpet and Flooring (EC&F) has a clear mission for the trade show industry: a singular focus to provide trade show managers with the best and most affordable exhibit floor products.

“We really went to back to basics, to deliver to exhibit managers the guidance and expertise garnered from being in this business for 40 years,” stated Bruce Glicksberg, Founder and CEO of EC&F. “Our mission at EC&F is to provide flooring choices that bring together the booth design at a price that is affordable. Booth carpeting can affect the design and attendee experience, yet is oftentimes the last thing an event manager will handle.”

Glicksberg has built a solid foundation of experience, from the manufacturing of carpet to assisting customers with design choices to the installation of the carpet come show time. EC&F produces their own carpet, giving trade show managers design flexibility and customization not always offered by the show, such as carpet inlays and embedded logos. By producing the carpet, EC&F also provides better quality and more affordably priced carpet that fits the individual venue needs and any branding parameters. Glicksberg also stays ahead of flooring trends. “With the manufacturing processes, there are so many choices, and it can be a bit overwhelming for clients,” commented Glicksberg. “EC&F helps take the guess work out of trends and provides guidance on the best flooring choices, given the client’s budget and booth design.”

Working in partnership with trade show organizers, Events Carpet and Flooring provides recognized expertise on exhibit flooring. Be sure to request your quote today.