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What are the advantages of a rental carpet at tradeshows over purchasing your own?

  • Changing from different booth sizes show after show is no problem
  • You avoid storage and maintenance costs, especially important if you do one show a year.
  • If the carpet is ruined after the show you’re not responsible for it.
  • Renting allows flexibility to change color and the look of your exhibit from show to show.
  • Renting saves you money on transportation and handling costs.
  • After the show is over all you do is walk away.
  • Your carpet does not have to be shipped on same truck as the exhibit so it can be installed before your booth arrives
  • One phone call to EC&F takes care of everything. We will give you a price that includes everything. Labor, tape, and poly covering. Staff at EC&F have been specializing in tradeshow carpet rental for over 35 years.
  • If you have an extremely large exhibit space give us a call and we can help you decide on if you would like us to clean, repair, store and ship your purchased carpet to different show sites.

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