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Why are our prices lower than the show contractor?

We specialize only in carpeting for tradeshows. The general contractor is responsible for every aspect of the tradeshow so they need to charge more to cover their costs. Also, Events Carpet and Flooring manufactures their own carpet and eliminates the carpet mill mark-up.

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Do you have to rent carpet from the show contractor?

NO. You have a choice to have any outside contractor build your booth, install your carpet or supply you with furniture and plants.

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Are you allowed to work at the convention center?

The staff at EC&F has been installing carpet at convention centers all over the country for over 30 years. Every installer has the proper credentials and insurance.

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Is this a rental or purchase price?

This price is a Rental Price. If you would like to purchase your carpet for other shows we offer cleaning, storage and shipping. Call for quote 773-251-1601.

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Will carpet be installed before my booth arrives?

YES, as long as your electric is down. Our installers go to your booth before your targeted move-in date to make sure your electric is down. If your electrical is not on the floor our installers will talk with the electricians before we lay the carpet.

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Are there any additional charges?

There will be a material handling charge (Drayage) charged by the Show Contractor.

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What Is Drayage?

Drayage is the fee the show contractor charges to move freight off of all trucks and transport it to your booth space. They charge for every 100 Pounds. Events Carpet and Flooring prices are usually lower even with the drayage charge.

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Is Visqueen (plastic covering) included?

Visqueen is included with all orders.

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Can I have a different color border or inlay?

Borders, inlay and custom make-ups are Events Carpet and Flooring’s specialty and are done at very reasonable prices. Call for more information 773-251-1601.

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Is there an on-site contact?

After your order has been placed you will receive the necessary show contact information. Our installers are only minutes away.

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